It is with great regret that we must inform our visitors that we are suspending our current fund-raising for a new British Memorial to honour our Fallen in Crimea, and will not at present be able to accept new donations.

This is because of the changed status of Crimea itself. While the Sevastopol authorities may be willing for us to proceed, we cannot do so without an Embassy to co-ordinate and supervise the project, and Crimea no longer falls under the purview of British Embassy, Kyiv. Neither can we engage in financial transactions with Crimea during the present uncertainty over sanctions.

We hope and believe this situation is only temporary, but in the meantime our priority must be to protect our donors’ money. Not one penny has so far been spent, and we will keep the fund intact until we have clear guarantees from all the relevant authorities that the project can be carried to successful completion. In the unlikely event that the situation drags on, and no such guarantees are forthcoming, then we will, with the greatest regret, return the money to our donors.

This is only a worst-case scenario. We will do everything we can to work with all the governments involved to enable this project to go ahead, so that our fallen of the Crimean War may finally be given the proper recognition they have so long been denied.

Thank you all for your generous encouragement and support.

The Volunteers of the Crimean War Memorial Appeal



Your donation will only be used to build and maintain the memorial site.